Prosun Jade

20 Minutes

Jade is the perfect entry level tanning bed, giving you time to relax and build your base tan in this 20 minute starter bed.


Prosun Onyx

15 Minutes

The Onyx is our mid-level tanning bed that offers excellent results in just 15 minutes.


Whether you are looking to build a base tan, maintain your color or just give yourself a boost... Tropical Tan Studio has what you are looking for. With our top-of-the-line sun beds and booths, we’ve got you covered!

Tropical Tanning


Luxura X3

12 Minutes

Our Prosun X3 is an all-around tanning bed with all the latest features for our power tanners. Enjoy changing colors with deco light, extra long bulbs for an even tan, and an MP3 player. Get your tanning session complete in just 12 minutes.


Prosun V3
Standup Booth

10 Minutes

V3 is the classic commercial stand up tanning booth for those who prefer standing up for a 10-minute tan with a turbo cooling system to keep you comfortable.


Enhance your natural beauty with red light therapy. Red light technology is 100% UV free, non-invasive, and nontoxic.

Red Light Sessions

RenuvaSkin L32
Red Light

RenuvaSkin L32 red light bed makes it effortless to get the spa treatment anytime.

You can expect complete relaxation as you indulge in the innovative technology of red light system.


Spray Tanning

Say NO to orange and experience our state of the art spray tan! The award winning Norvell Z3000 is top of the line and offers the best spray tan on the market.

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