30-Day Packages


Salon Tanning and More

We are not just a tanning salon; we take your health seriously as we diligently adhere to rules and regulations to guarantee the safety of our customers. Whether you require expert and results-oriented services to look your best, enhance your confidence, and achieve your dream skin type, our well-trained staff are always ready to tailor our services to fit your needs.

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Lux I Package

UV Basic

$39.95 / month

  • Jade - 20 Mins


Lux II Package

UV Plus

$49.95 / month

  • Jade - 20 Min

  • Onyx - 15 Min


Lux III Package

UV Premium

$59.95 / month

  • Jade - 20 Min

  • Onyx - 15 Min

  • X3 - 12 Min

  • Standup - 10 Min


Sunless Package


$79.95 / month

  • 3 Spray Tans / mo


Wellness Package


$69.95 / month

  • 15 Min - Redlight


Lux All Inclusive

All Inclusive Package

$109.95 / month

  • ALL UV Beds

  • Redlight Therapy

  • 2 Spray Tans /mo

We’ll help you plan your tan!

At Tropical Tab Studio, our ultimate goal is to deliver the best experience for our clients. With our unbeatable prices, cutting-edge tanning technology, high-quality products and knowledgeable Tanning Consultants, your personalized tanning experience is guaranteed to be great!